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B&R Beurs is the official Erasmus Investment Society since 1983. In the beginning, B&R Beurs was a society consisting of a few students who had an interest in investing. Ever since then B&R Beurs has grown. Counting over 1800 members nowadays and still growing.

The members of B&R Beurs are studying various subjects ranging from business administration to economics and econometrics. The goal of B&R Beurs is to educate its members about investing and to add extra value to the courses given at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. B&R Beurs does this by hosting (guest) lectures, workshops, and various other (career) events. Besides that, the members of B&R Beurs can join one of the 50+ investment groups and compete in our annual investment competition.
Each group member puts in a real amount of money, which is invested collectively in a wide range of financial products. The investment group that performs best during the year wins the Investment Competition. The performances are measured each week by means of the Modigliani risk-adjusted performance measure.