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B&R Beurs offers various opportunities to recruit students during one of our events. At your office during an in-house day or on campus during one of our on-campus events. Prefer to see your future employees in action before you recruit them? Then one of our recruitment events is the perfect fit.

If you prefer to host a case on campus in one of the spacious rooms of the Erasmus University, a workshop is the right opportunity. A workshop is comparable with an in-house day except from the location. During the workshop, you can test the students on intelligence, analytical skills and many different capabilities that they should possess to become your new employee.
In-house day
An in-house day is mostly self-explaining. During an in-house day, B&R Beurs members have the possibility to visit your company and show their skills in a case or any other kind of workshop that is customary for your company. During the year we host several in-house cycles, such as The Investment Cycle in November or The Investment Week and Symposium in May/June.
Of course, there is also the option to organize an individual in-house day.
Company Dinner
The purpose of the company dinner is to meet the members of B&R Beurs and to get to know them on a more personal level. The attendees are selected based on their resume, the selection can be done by either B&R Beurs or your company. A standard company dinner starts with a short presentation to introduce your company. Afterwards, we will start the dinner and change seats every course. After the dinner it is common to host a drink where everyone can socially connect with each other and have a nice evening.
Sponsoring a drink or activity
Every year B&R Beurs organizes multiple drinks and activities. By sponsoring one of these activities or drinks, you get the chance to get to know the members of B&R Beurs in a more personal way. When you as a company have original or specific ideas and wishes for activities this can always be arranged.
Professional Academy
One of the main pillars of B&R Beurs is education, this is where our students distinguish themselves from others and what makes B&R Beurs attractive. As a partner of B&R Beurs you can contribute to this process by giving a Professional Academy. During the academy, you can pass on your company’s insight in the market to our students. Not only is the transfer of knowledge mutually beneficial, but the academy also is the perfect opportunity to present your company to our students.
Besides our yearly events we also offer various other options. For more information contact our External Officer by clicking here.