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The B&R Academy is the best method to learn the fundamentals of investing. There is an academy every other week on Thursday from 17:00 to 18:45 on campus. These academies will teach you everything you need to know about investing. The academies will cover theoretical concepts you may already know from your studies, but from the perspective of an investor. This way you can translate these concepts and apply them to real-world examples. The academies will start from the basics but build up the level quickly, so you will be an experienced investor at the end of the year.
It does not matter if you are a first year or master student; we aim to keep it interesting for everyone. The academy tracks consist of three academies each. Academy 1 of each track will introduce you to the topic and help you get a feeling for it. Academy 3 will cover advanced topics, and the second academy covers the parts between academy 1 and 3. The academies are separated into the following six tracks:
  1. Fundamental Analysis: This track will teach you about the underlying drivers of the value of companies. You will learn how to spot good (cheap) companies and how to deal with special situations such as a mergers or IPO’s.

  2. Macro Investing: Covers topics like foreign currencies, commodities and interest rates.

  3. Portfolio Management: This track will teach you how to manage a portfolio properly.

  4. Alternative Investments: Here you will learn how a private equity fund or a hedge fund works.

  5. Derivatives: Gives an insight in how turbo’s, options, futures and many other financial products work.

  6. ESG Investing: Insights of what ESG investing means and the transition to ESG investments.


After each lecture, the Academy Committee also writes an article thoroughly explaining the topics that were treated during the lecture. In order to access this content, as well as a copy of the slides, you can join our Google Classroom Environment. On this platform, you will find all content that you might need to complement your education on investing. 

The links to the Google Classsroom online environment can be found on this website (you need to be logged in as a B&R Beurs member).