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Investment Guide

The B&R Investment Guide is the perfect start for your knowledge of investing. It is designed to walk you through all aspects of investing; from valuation to portfolio management and from bonds to alternative investments. When you are finished, you should be able to make clearly structured and well-rounded investments.

The seven topics of the Investment Guide are based on the Academies at B&R Beurs and can be read without prior knowledge needed. But don’t think it will stay that simple throughout the entire book. The guide goes in depth in several items, such as factor investing or valuation, making it a great extension to any prior financial education you have. To top all this knowledge, an elaborate investment proposal is made at the end to show you how it is done.

Are you ready to become an investor and take your investments to the next level? Buy the B&R Investment Guide before the stock runs out. The B&R Investment Guide will cost only €8,50. Order down below and pick up your B&R Investment Guide at the office (P-1.074).

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B&R Beurs Investment Guide