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Deal Making Days

Deal Making Days

Get ready to seize an incredible opportunity coming your way! Introducing the Student Deal Making Days, happening from April 8th to 12th.

This event is exclusively tailored for motivated student minds like yours. Now in its latest edition, the Student Deal Making Days are all about diving into the world of deal making and forging connections in the finance industry.

Are you excited to connect with fellow students who share your interests and explore potential pathways in the realm of finance? Look no further – the Student Deal Making Days are custom-made for you. This special event provides a platform for you to access opportunities that might be slightly harder to come by, such as mentorship and potential career prospects. We're well aware of the challenges students face when breaking into the financial sector, and by dedicating these days solely to students, we're fully committed to empowering you as you journey towards your career goals.

Don't miss out on this chance – it's a fantastic opportunity to establish meaningful relationships and propel your career forward. Whether you're studying Economics, Business Administration, or Econometrics, these days are meticulously curated to align perfectly with your interests.

Here's a sneak peek of what's in store during the Student Deal Making Days:
- Engaging Workshops and On-site Company Visits
- Networking Socials for expanding your connections
- Interactive Company Dinners
- Informative Masterclasses

And here's the best part – it's your moment to shine, and guess what? Attendance is absolutely free for all students. (Please bear in mind that specific sessions might involve CV or motivation evaluations.)

Make sure to mark your calendars – you have until 12:00 PM on March 24th to secure your spot at the Student Deal Making Days. Join us and immerse yourself in this enriching experience that's sure to set you on the path to success!


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