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B&R Beurs Investor Exam

Investor Exam

Are you enjoying the B&R Academies so far? Make sure everyone knows that you are knowledgeable about investing and participate in the Investor Exam. Together with CAIA, B&R Beurs organizes the B&R Beurs Investor Exam to test your knowledge. Here you have the opportunity to test yourself and improve your CV with the Investor Certificate.

Last year, about 68% of the attendees passed the exam! Are you becoming one of the elite B&R members with an Investor Certificate? B&R Beurs and CAIA encourage you to challenge yourself and apply for the Investor Exam! This exam is a closed book exam and only open for B&R Beurs members and it is free

The exam is a multiple-choice exam based on the Academy Articles and slides. The learning goals will be translated into questions and cases that you will have to complete within two hours. Don’t worry if you didn’t attend all the academies. You can find the articles covering the content on the Google Classroom Environment. 

In order to pass the exam, you will have to specialise in Academy Tracks according to your preferences. The minimum requirement is to take at least two tracks on level 3, four tracks on level 2 and the remaining tracks on level 1. Hence, you will have at least all tracks on level 1, 4 tracks on level 2 and 2 tracks on level 3. Each level of each track will have 6 multiple-choice questions.


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