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Liga Investimento

Group Ticket Liga Investimento

It's time to organise the yearly B&R Beurs football tournament!

On the 19th of June between 19:00 and 0:00 (award ceremony ends at 0:00) you and your team can battle against each other to win the infamous B&R Cup. Your team has to consist ideally of 10 players, with 3 of them being on the bench during the match. If your team is not complete you can fuse with other investment groups as well or play with less people. This year the match will take place at Antibarbari. Will your team be able to take the cup from Zilvervloot? 

Group ticket price = FREE

Kralingse Zoom 100,
3063 NC Rotterdam

The cafeteria will be open for beer and snacks during the evening!

We will organise a tournament for 12 teams in total so be quick with your registration! After we've received all the registrations we will make a tournament schedule in which you can find the times and the teams against whom you have to play. Make sure you have enough players on the day of the match. For the registration you need to put down all the names of your team members but afterwards you can email me the definitive names if they change.

Please mention if your team is mixed (men and women) or unmixed (just men) 

Registrations will open Tuesday May 21st at 12:00!


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