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New members

Great that you are interested in our society! You can become a member during our regular introduction period which is in August and September. You could also join in later, but then it is not guaranteed you can join an investment group. Our only requirement is a membership contribution of 49,50 euros per year (and the first time an additional administration fee of 10 euros). With this membership you have access to all events of the society. These are social events like the bi-weekly drink, poker tournament, city trip etc, and furthermore educational and career events. Our goal is to teach our members as much as possible about investing. Through academies on Thursdays you will develop yourself from the basics to the level of an experienced investor. Besides that, we host career events like in-house days and company dinners with our partners.

If you like to hear more from us, keep an eye on our instagram and socials. We get that it is a lot of information at once, but during September we have introductory drinks on Thursdays where you could swing by and have a talk with us and our members in person. You can see when and where on our website under events. Hope this is helpful for you and hopefully see you soon!


Current members

As a member of B&R Beurs you will comply with the Statutes and Code of Conduct of B&R Beurs. The membership itself will be automatically extended at July 1st by another year and the annual membership fee will be automatically withdrawn from your account. You can end your membership by unsubscribing on this page. That has to happen before July 1st.



Every year B&R Beurs organizes several events for its alumni in order for them to stay connected with the society, as well as other alumni. Events like Golf Experience, Amsterdam Drink and Padel tournament are examples of these events. For the Alumni Network, we ask NO contribution; it is free of charge.

The first item on the agenda is a social drink in September where all new alumni will be welcomed and get a chance to socialize.

Would you like to stay up to date with these events? Become a member of the B&R Beurs Alumni LinkedIn group. Here all relevant information will be posted about upcoming events. We hope to see you during one of our future events!

If you have any questions you can email them to