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Founded in 2021, Andromeda is part of the new generation. With members from different studies, ages, and nationalities, we’re a truly diverse group. Our members are interns at the most prestigious firms in investment banking, venture capital, asset management, and consulting, hence we benefit from the large pool of expertise from our members. We hold weekly meetings to keep track of market developments and adapt our investment strategy, and are also active on the social aspect as our members attend all B&R Beurs events.  We believe that investing should be accessible to anyone hence everyone is welcome as long as you show a willingness to learn and are motivated!

Board 2023/2024

Chairman: Pavlos Sykianakis
Treasurer: Lukas Dittrich

Board 2022/2023

Chairman: Maximilien Boudard
Treasurer: Faidon Kampouropoulos

Board 2021/2022

Chairman: Domenico Tarantini
Treasurer: Marcos Papadakis