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Audacity is the oldest international group still existing, and the most international group of the society. The group won the investment competition in 2010-2011, arrived second in 2011-2012 and fourth in both 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.

We are here to learn, try new financial products, get to know companies, have fun and earn the highest possible returns on our investments. We use fundamental and technical analysis to help us make the right investment decisions. We strongly encourage new and senior members to be active and to make investment proposals. Our goal is to have at least one proposal per meeting. The proposal will be discussed in the group and decisions are taken together. Furthermore, we discuss current market environment and important political decisions.

Audacity’s members are all passionate, highly motivated about finance and have an international background. We combine our knowledge and experience to optimize our returns by limiting risks. The group is not only about learning but also about social cohesion: we are a big family. Our members are pro-active, good students, and great entrepreneurs with a well-known love of partying. Everybody participates in the group and is listened to because we believe that debating, talking and discussing are the best ways to take the best decisions and learn from each other.

Compared to other investment groups, we meet on a weekly basis, invest more money, and perform a more in-depth research.

Board 2021/2022

Chairman: Julius Raudonikis
Treasurer: Piotr Oslizo

Board 2020/2021

Chairman: Max Chung
Treasurer: Paul Leonard Prottung

Board 2019/2020:

Chairman: Dovydas Vaičaitis
Treasurer: Peter Komzala

Board 2018/2019:

Chairman: Rhys McKenna
Treasurer: Dieuwertje Borst

Board 2017/2018:

Chairman: Patrick Sura
Treasurer: Tancredi Rapone