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Batavia investments

Just like the old and renowned ship Batavia climbed the mighty waves of the sea, Batavia nowadays courses through the stock market in search of wealth and riches. Riches we acquire through the vast knowledge of our experienced members, accompanied by the steep learning curves of our newer recruits. Wealth is gained through ingesting many pints of liquid gold, together with the laughter of 20 blue-silvers hearts beating in the fierce rhythm of the rowing oars.

As the old Batavia was a Dutch ship, we also are a Dutch group. As women used to bring misfortune on sea voyages, we also don’t bring them with us when we sail across the tides of the market.

The ship Batavia could be found anywhere between Holland and Indonesia, but ultimately we have decided to anchor in the safe harbour of Apartt. It is here, where you can find us at every drink. And it is here where you can hear us say: “One can obtain the skills to invest, but being sociable has to come from within.”

Instagram: @Bataviainvestments
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Board 2021/2022

Chairman: Wessel Hendriks
Treasurer: Jinhan Bai

Board 2020/2021

Chairman: Harm Honcoop
Treasurer: Tim van Duijn 

Board 2019/2020

Chairman: Jay Otten
Treasurer: Hanz Matthee

Board 2018/2019

Chairman: Richard Commandeur
Treasurer: Maik van der Hoeven

Board 2017/2018

Chairman: Joeri de Wit
Treasurer: Dennis Moerman