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Batavia vrouwen

Batavia Vrouwen was founded last year in 2020. We are a group of social and active girls from first year students to Master. We definitely try to achieve great performance in the investment competition, but having fun together is at least equally important. Every Thursday, we have dinner together and after that we have our weekly social drink. Every other week after dinner we discuss our portfolio and some girls present their proposals for new investment opportunities.

Every now and then we also meet up with the men from Batavia Investments. We have drinks together, dinners, or other activities organized by B&R or ourselves. The highlight of our joint activities is the yearly Batavia weekend, three days full of different activities and fun. 

Besides our weekly Thursday evenings, we also like to meet up to do lots of other things. Sometimes we feel sporty, and then we play tennis or squash together, or have a walk around the Kralingse plas (either with or without a hangover). We also went to the beach together and enjoyed the weather, sun, sea, our pizza and of course our drinks. One of our main activities is also supporting Apartt by sitting hours and hours on their terrace. But we also enjoy casual movie nights together or just having a beer at the Kralingse plas.

Instagram: @bataviavrouwen
Board 2022/2023

Chairman: Ruth van den Berg
Treasurer: Floor van den Akker

Board 2021/2022

Chairman: Carmen Appel
Treasurer: Merle Raven

Board 2020/2021

Chairman: Emkje van Zuijlekom
Treasurer: Marieke Steginga