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Capital Phi Investments

'Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.' – Warren Buffett

Capital Phi Investments is a Dutch investment group originating in 2018. Our main goals are to enjoy the social activities and develop our investing experience. We also value the mutual learning process as well as succeeding in the investment competition.

You do not have to be an expert in investing, nor do you have many obligations. However, we do expect involvement from every member so that, together, we can perform at our best.

Last year, we ended up ninth, with a realized return of 23%. We are looking forward to next year and are thrilled to compete again in another investment competition.

We gather to discuss the potential investment opportunity out there during our biweekly meetings. In these meetings, anyone can present an investment opportunity whereafter we will decide together what position to take.

Are you the person who wants to contribute actively to the great atmosphere within our group? Do you want to strive to win the investment competition? Then, we will certainly meet each other during the upcoming drinks. You will also be able to join one of our dinners. See you then! :)


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Board 2021/2022

Chairman: Bob Schrijver
Treasurer: Vincent Martens

Board 2020/2021

Chairman: Gijs de Groot
Treasurer: Nathan Shi

Board 2019/2020

Chairman: Arthur van Roest
Treasurer: Jurjen Spelde

Board 2018/2019

Chairman: Jurjen Spelde
Treasurer: Roberto de la Iglesia