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Carhart Investments

Carhart Investment is a diverse, international investment group founded in 2019 by mainly IBA and Economics students. We are currently 18 members ranging from first year students to master students. We are members from Europe (Netherlands, France, Germany), Latin America, Asia, and Southeast Asia.

We aim at learning and sharing our knowledge about investing and the markets in our group. We use the Capital Asset Pricing Model as a main approach to weight our portfolio. Furthermore, we take behavioral factors, market dynamics, and trends into consideration. We meet on a weekly to biweekly basis to discuss new investment proposals and relocate investments.

Carharts members have different roles ranging from the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Event Manager to Secretary so every member can contribute purposefully. Our group is not only about investing but also about socializing and cohesion. Therefore, we also have dinners, drinks or play pool together.

Instagram: @Carhartinvestments

Board 2021/2022

Chairman: Niklas Klesse
Treasurer: Marjenka de Bell

Board 2020/2021

Chairman: Niklas Klesse 
Treasurer: Jiajin Huang

Board 2019/2020

Chairman: Paolo Oppelt
Treasurer: Phuong Anh