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Clear Water Group

Clear Water Group is newly founded in 2019. The group is focussed on an in-depth analysis and bottom up approach. We start by analysing entire industries and find opportunities based on the dynamics and extensive knowledge gathered over the course of a project.

Through our weekly meetings that generate constant feedback and critical assessments during every research phase, a steep learning curve is created that give students an insight in, and preparation for, the depth a full-time analyst gets into.

We strive to make this group a place where students that have some investment experience and are heading towards the ending-phase of their studies, can be challenged and better prepared for the job market.

For any further questions or interest, feel free to contact us at

Board 2021/2021

Chairman: Leonardo Urselli
Treasurer: Lorenzo Acerboni

Board 2020/2021

Chairman: Arvid Ramnér
Treasurer: Boyke Wieberdink

Board 2019/2020

Chairman: Marc Oerlemans
Treasurer: Lasse Blazejewski