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Fides Investments

Founded in 2011, Fides Investments is one of the older and larger investment groups of B&R Beurs. We are a mixed group with different backgrounds and different. Over the years we have become a close group of friends instead of a formal investment group. While socializing is highly important within Fides, we are also very successful when it comes to investing!

Because being a Fidist is for life, the members that already started their career still love to show up regularly. Every year we organize our very own introduction weekend, a Sinterkerst- and Nieuw diner, we go on city trips to different cities throughout Europe and have many more activities throughout the year! We thrive on chaos and have never been described as ”that quiet group.” Friendships formed in Fides have lasted for many years and will last for many years to come.

Instagram: @fidesinvestments
Board 2021/2022

Chairman: Alya de Vries
Treasurer: Noor Kikken

Board 2020/2021

Chairman: Robert Jr. Collignon 
Treasurer: Britt van Loenen

Board 2019/2020

Chairman: Noëlle van der Krogt
Treasurer: Max Witte

Board 2018/2019

Chairman: Gijs de Groot
Treasurer: Eckhart Vlaming

Board 2017/2018

Chairman: Alex Filippo
Treasurer: Menno Huijbregts