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Mercury Investment Club


"The Mercury Investment Club was founded in 2020, the notorious year of Covid-19. That however, did not stop us and right now we have 9 active members. This year especially, with Covid-measures decreasing we are looking to organize some parties of our own. M.I.C. tends to lay their focus on the social aspects, however due to last year we were rather busy with stocks and options. We are still mainly learning and not in the expert zone, but with a solid last year turnover, we can't complain. Right now, we have a nice balance between investing and social activities. We meet at least once in two weeks (online or physically), to discuss our portfolio. M.I.C. is looking to recruit some new members, Dutch or international. We have no specific requirements, just come and meet us, and we'll see if it is a match!" 

Board 2021/2022

Chairman: Sem Burger
Treasurer: Andy Zhan

Board 2020/2021

Chairman: Sem Burger
Treasurer: Tjeerd Breure