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Vico Investments

Vico Investments is an international investment group founded in 2020, with the name inspired by the philosopher Giambattista Vico. He believed that people need to cultivate their imagination and broaden their horizon which, in return, will lead to wisdom and innovation. This philosophy is exactly what we aim to incorporate into our investment group. We are a very diversified group, with students from multiple backgrounds and different degrees, which provides a multiangular investment strategy.
Here at Vico we believe that all time and effort spent on investing and sharing ideas are investments for life. We share the vision of investing sustainably and try to gain knowledge of both fundamental and technical analysis. We meet every other week and meetings are spent with strong investment proposals, the exchanges of ideas, providing opinions and asking critical questions. Vico seeks an advantage by also implementing knowledge from guest lectures to further our knowledge of the financial market. 
Even though Vico was founded in the midst of a pandemic, we managed to incorporate a balance between social and professional activities. Vico is the perfect investment group for anyone who wants to learn more about investing in a friendly environment, wants to network, and meet fun people from different backgrounds!
Vico welcomes anyone that shares our passion for investing and loves to have a good time! 
Contact us through:
Instagram: @vicoinvestment