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Vico Investments

Vico Investments is an international group of which the lively personality is characterized by our vivid green-yellow ties. The name Vico Investments is inspired by the philosopher Giambattista Vico who stood for cultivating the imagination and broadening one’s horizon. We believe that our international nature brings us this dynamic and flexible character to be used in the stock market and at the B&R drinks. This way we broaden our horizon in a professional manner as well as socially.
Our close bond within the group stems from the foundation of Vico in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. However turbulent the period, the course of the year formed us into a connected group. We feel that being a connected group leads to better decisions and investments. We cherish this bond by coming together on a biweekly basis to discuss stocks and update each other on life in general while enjoying a beer. Besides this, we appreciate taking part in activities set up by B&R or in self-organized activities such as a city trip. 
A Vico-member invests and socializes with their courage, curiosity and their down to earth mentality alongside following a proactive approach. We embrace a diverse character with members from different nationalities, studies and backgrounds. We’re looking for active members who can add to this diversity while sharing the same values and foundation. Approach one of us wearing a green-yellow tie at the drinks to chat about life, stocks or anything else, or connect us via email or Instagram.
We’ll see you at the top.... or at the drinks

Instagram: vicoinvestments

Board 2023/2024

Chairman: Pieter Erik van Donk
Treasurer: Rohit Rungta

Board 2022/2023

Chairman: Beltran Polo Gonzalez
Treasurer: Luisa Netzband

Board 2021/2022

Chairman: Tristan Dieles
Treasurer: Maryn de Lange

Board 2020/2021

Chairman: Hannah van den Brink
Treasurer: Maryn de Lange