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Upcoming FAANG Earnings & Bitcoin Plunge | Flow Traders Investment Competition | Week 25


American equities performed decently past week, with the S&P 500 and NASDAQ  gaining 0.41% and 2.42% respectively since previous Monday. The Euro Stoxx 50 fared less and lost 0.19%, but still did  better than the Nikkei 225 which lost 1.88%. Lastly, the Shanghai Composite Index posted a minor loss and returned 1.05% since last week.


Something for investors in tech to look out for next week are the FAANG earnings reports. FAANG stocks and tech stocks in general have performed extremely well during the pandemic: The NYSE FANG+ index, which tracks the biggest tech companies, has gained over 150% since the 20th of march 2020. Only time will tell if these companies are yet again able to deliver on expectations of tremendous growth.


After Coinbase’s IPO Crypto currencies continued their sudden decline, with Bitcoin loosing more than 12% of its value relative to the euro since Monday. Interestingly, Ethereum did not display a similar loss in value. Other major cryptocurrencies often display a high degree of correlation with Bitcoin, but Ethereum survived the onslaught this week by even gaining 6.25%.


Meanwhile in the Flow Traders Investment Competition, the top 3 and even top 4 remains unchanged from last week. Omega Investments made their entry in the top 5 though by gaining 2.97% in terms of absolute return. CFQ hit a rough spot this week with a massive 16.64% loss, dropping 15 spots to the second column. Next Generation had the best absolute returns, with 4.47%, resulting in a gain of 6 spots. Only time will tell whether the top 3 will be dethroned anytime soon!


In the Second Investment Competition, Rankings once again remain unchanged with Das kapital leading the pack. New Rotterdam Investments unfortunately lost -1.95%, while Das Kapital performed the best with 0.48%.



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