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Investment Competition | Week 7


Flow Traders Investment Competition Update 

For the final competition update of 2022 Metrics Fund is still leading the competition with an M2 of 2.85%. Moreover, there are some groups that have ended the year on a very positive note. One of them being Vae Victis, they are finally taking part in the investment competition, immediately jumping to the 10th place in the competition! Also, Aevitas, after being in the bottom three for the last five weeks, they have finally risen 21 places to the 15th spot in the competition. Lastly, Webb Ellis, they also managed to rise 13 places this week, making it into the left row of the competition. Congratulations to these three groups, and hopefully they can keep this up in 2023. To the contrary, we have some groups for whom the year 2022 was just one week to long. First we have the greatest decline of last week, Fides Investments, dropping down 13 places making it to the bottom three. Then we have Heeren XIII and Primus, who were already doing quite poor, now dropping 10 and 8 places respectively, only getting closer to the bottom of the competition. Hopefully 2023 brings better things for them.

For next week, I hope to see that all Investment Groups have invested some money, because the deadline to invest is approaching. Please take part in the competition and invest by this Friday!

Finally, I want to wish all of you a happy 2023! Hopefully it will be a year where we will have a lot of fun and meet each other often through drinks, activities and academies!


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