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Market Overview Week 5 | Investment Competition | Week 12


Weekly Update:

The major British bank HSBC and tech company Google have recently entered into a
partnership to provide 1 billion US dollars in financing to companies in the field of climate
technology. As part of the partnership, HSBC will seek to provide financing to companies
that the US technology giant selects for its Google Cloud Ready Sustainability program.

In a significant market session, the S&P 500 closed at 5.026,61, alongside the Nasdaq and
Dow Jones, all achieving record highs. However, when adjusted for inflation, the S&P 500 is
still below its January 2021 peak. On Friday, the Japanese Nikkei 225 surpassed the
37.000-point mark for the first time in 34 years. The index has a one-month growth rate of
7% and various experts claim that it could break the 1989 peak in 2024.
Despite this, corporate profits have exceeded expectations, with over 80 percent of S&P 500
companies reporting for Q4 2023 surpassing projections. This robust corporate
performance, coupled with record highs in key indices, reflects a market with notable
resilience and growth potential for 2024.

The gold price on Friday reached 2.024$, while various sources claim that the gold price
could reach 2.300$ in the next 6 months. The latest data from the People's Bank of China
indicates that China has expanded its gold reserves for a fifteenth consecutive month.
China's gold reserves currently stand at 2.245 tons. Benchmark U.S. crude oil was trading at
$76,61 per barrel on Friday and Brent Crude setteled at $80,94 per barrel.

Crypto Market:
Bitcoin rose to €44,000 on Friday, its highest level since the announcement of the spot
Bitcoin ETF, gaining almost 12% over the week. Ethereum cracked the €2,300 mark, gaining
almost 10% during the week.


The yield of the US 2-YR stood at 4.486 at the end of Friday and rose by 0.03. Meanwhile,
the yield of the US 10-YR stood at 4.177 and rose by 0.007.


Flow Traders Investment Competition

New year, new Batavia Vrouwen? After finishing in the last place in last years' Flow Traders Investment Competition they have now entered the competitions' top 10! Can they keep the momentum? Also it's been a good week for Fides Investments! After their top 3 finish last year they seem to be back on track by winning 7 spots this week. Furthermore, Floryn Vrouwen has had a great week, they climbed 11 spots by having a return of 2.53% in just one week. However, Merx has been less lucky... the former Flow Traders Investment Competition leader has dropped 15 spots to the 29th place. Will they be able to recover?


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