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Commissioner of External Affairs

Robert Jr. Collignon

As Commissioner of External Affairs your main responsibility lies with maintaining contact with the society’s partners and reaching out to new ones. 

Your job starts directly after the general assembly of members, as you will have to start with your first tasks right away. This entails setting up meetings with partners to introduce yourself, evaluate last year’s collaboration and discuss opportunities for a renewed partnership for your academic year. Some of these meetings will be done in collaboration with me, your predecessor, but you will quickly be on your own.

You work a lot with the Commissioner of Education and Career, who will be joining you in most of the initial meetings. Together you will pitch the benefits of a partnership with B&R Beurs to partners, follow up on those pitches by mail and plan any potential events. If you made any agreements with regards to (direct) recruitment, you will adjust our website’s career board or reach out to students to refer to the partner in question.

Once you finish your years initial meetings, you will mainly be concerned with executing and honouring the agreements with regards to events and recruitment. This means keeping in touch your contacts through calls and emails to discuss the specifics of events. To plan these events you will have to collaborate with the Commissioner of Activities and Marketing to market your events to our members, and make a plan for the participants. 

Lastly, you will personally attend almost all career events to make sure that they run smoothly, make everyone feel welcome and participate in the sessions to encourage active participation by the attendees. This gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about the world of finance which is great for your personal development as well. Of course this also involves attending the subsequent drinks and networking with the company's employees and B&R Beurs members. Does executing the responsibilities of the most outgoing and professionally involved board member sound interesting to you? Be sure to come to one of the drinks to talk to me and my predecessors about it while enjoying a beer together.

See you soon!

Robert Collignon  | M +31 [06] 15387940