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B&R alumni

Become a B&R Beurs Alumnus!

As former member of B&R, BeurS or B&R Beurs we welcome you to join the Alumni Network. This is a great way to (re)connect with the society or get in touch with your fellow friends of B&R Beurs. You can use the forms on this page to register as alumni. Furthermore, we would love to see former members participate in our alumni events to rekindle old friendships and memories and to create new ones. You can find the schedule of events here or follow our LinkedIn and Instagram to stay posted on the latest events. 
We are also offering former members the opportunity to give back to the society. You can sponsor us, be part of a B&R Academy lecture series or even participate in our yearly Investment Symposium. If you are interested you can contact us via We would love to get in touch to see what you can do for B&R Beurs!