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Who are the B&R Beurs Alumni

Established in 1983, the founders of B&R Beurs ordered their first trades via a fixed line and were the source of inspiration for the movie Wall Street, directed by Oliver Stone, in 1987. In the beginning B&R Beurs was not familiar with the investment group structure as we know it nowadays. B&R Beurs was divided in different funds, all focused on different industries. Agriculture, fuels, financial institutions and construction where among the most popular funds. Every fund had its own coordinator and all coordinators together formed the B&R Beurs board. The alumni of B&R Beurs traded during severe and rough times, but always kept eye on their ultimate goal, profit! Even a concrete wall of 167,8 kilometres, the aftermath of an oil crisis nor the sound of Michael Joseph Jackson could lure the focus of our founders away. Their successors had the advantage of internet and a growing support for capitalism which encouraged the markets. But their biggest advantage was the fall of the Berliner Mauer. With the fall of the wall, half the European continent became available for ordinary study trips where they could live like gods enjoying their well-earned profits. But, during the end of the nineties and the beginning of the zeros, times changed. The internet bubble, of which we all profited so much from, collapsed and left B&R Beurs, and the world, with nothing but a Nokia.
Fortunately a new generation of politicians and traders was already trying to create a better world. With this golden generation, the burst of the internet bubble was forgotten in no time and the world was looking forward again!With their great taste of R&B music the B&R Beurs members of the zeros changed the society for good. Because of new regulations, imposed by minister of finance Gerrit Zalm, no more than 25 people could invest in the same fund without paying taxes. Therefore, the B&R Beurs investment groups were implemented. This was the beginning of the B&R Beurs we know today. Probably because of their everlasting success the end of our zero’s generation was harsh. With the credit crisis, it was very difficult to realize a profit. Luckily there were free drinks every other Thursday.
Our most recent alumni saw B&R Beurs change from a small hobby club to a serious investment organization with more than a thousand members! These alumni made it happen. Nowadays B&R Beurs is known as the largest student investment society in Europe where students invest with real money. B&R Beurs rose together with companies as Facebook, Apple and Tesla, from small hobby clubs to professional organisations which contribute to society an offer opportunities most students can only dream of!