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Join an Investment Group: preferences

With an investment group you will compete in the Flow Traders Investment Competition against the other investment groups. Each group has an investment capital which consists of a one-time contribution between 200-400 euros from the members at the moment they join the group. You don't have to join an investment group to join B&R Beurs, but it will certainly give you more excitement and new friendships!

How does it work? During the introduction period in September, you can speak to all our different investment groups at our drinks/events. Oktober will also have three drinks so you can speak to your favorite groups again. This is called the formation period. Many groups also host dinners/drinks on their own in this period where they can speak to interested new members aside from the general B&R drink. If you also like to join these evenings, ask the people of the investment group of your choice at the drinks, check out their check out their Instagram or send them a dm/mail!

After the last formation drink, you can give up your preferences at our website. With the preferences, you can choose your top 3 investment groups you would like to join. The exact date when this is possible will be shared in the upcoming year but will probably be around mid-October. The deadline for filling in the preferences is on a Friday and the days following the investment groups have meetings and will decide who can join them. This will be done in three rounds:
1: The first preferences will be shared with the groups.
2: After the decisions about the first preferences, the second preferences (from the people who did not get in their first choice) will be shared with the groups if they have spots left. 
3: After the decisions about the second preferences, the third preferences (from the people who did not get in their first and second choice) will be shared with the groups if they have spots left. 

Sometimes it is the case you don't get in any of your preferences. Then we have two extra formation drinks with the groups who have spots left. After these drinks, you can fill in your preferences again with these investment groups. There is also the possibility of starting your own investment group, however, this takes some time and 15 people so if you are planning to do this contact the secretary ( as soon as possible!