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General information


B&R Beurs is the student investment society at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Our mission is to help our members to learn everything about investing. We shape this purpose by different means such as our B&R Beurs Academy, where new members are taught about the financial world by veteran members of the society and guest lecturers. Then, this knowledge is broadened by a number of readings, workshops, classes, guest speakers, and company in-house days. After this trajectory, you can earn the B&R Beurs Investor Certificate. Furthermore, every year the society organizes the Flow Traders Investment Competition with real money. Investing takes place on a group level, with groups having between seven and thirty students. Each member can choose an investment group. Throughout the year you will jointly invest a sum consisting of participation ranging from 200 to 400 euros per member. This is the core activity of B&R Beurs, and parallel to this we have a range of fun activities including bi-weekly social drinks, a poker tournament, a study trip, beer and wine tastings, and more.

B&R Beurs has a variety of members. From near-professional investors to students who have a basic interest for investing, both Dutch and international. Most of our members study economics, econometrics, finance, or business administration. There is plenty for each to do. We offer a variety of activities and most members enjoy sharing ideas and experiences with each other. When you have an interest in investing or the financial world in general, B&R Beurs is the right place for you.

When you become a member of B&R Beurs, the year will be as follows. A few introductory drinks take place before an Introduction Weekend where members can meet and have an amazing time. This all happens in September. Most of the investment groups are formed directly at the Introduction Weekend. Later, group formation dinners and drinks take place, before starting to invest money. Old members help new members integrating within the society and understanding the basics of investing.

After this, there is the B&R Beurs Academies which treat the basic principles of investing, mainly for new members, before becoming more technical with topics such as option strategies and advanced turbos. From this moment, fun activities start and continue throughout the entire academic year. Social drinks are held every other week, and investment groups usually meet between once a week or once every two weeks.

To sum up, B&R Beurs offers students a great way to get in touch with investing. No other study association or course at Erasmus University offers the experience we do. The excitement of the Investment Competition combined with people passionate about investing gives to the society a very good ambiance.

Convinced? Become a member! Visit our drinks and activities. See the agenda under “Activities” for our events. You can send an email to for more information.