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5 most frequently asked questions to the IPC

These are the questions that our Introduction Period Committee (IPC) members receive often.


Do I need to start investing if I join B&R Beurs?

You do not necessarily need to start investing yourself when you become a member. Only when you join an investment group you will start investing, but joining a group is not mandatory. You can also become a member just for the educational, career or social activities.  


How does the Flow Traders Investment Competition work?

In the investment competition the investment groups battle against each other and try to achieve the highest risk-adjusted return in June at the end of the association’s year. We have over 40 investment groups, which you can meet during our introduction and formation period in September and October. After new members found an investment group, the competition kicks off around the end of October/start of November.

Each member of an investment group invests 200 to 400 euros (real money) so together an investment group manages a portfolio of a couple thousand of euros. Investment groups gather frequently (how frequently differs per group) and discuss investment proposals, i.e. a presentation about a stock, ETF, option etc. to buy.

The winning group at the end of the year receives a cash price and their name on the trophy.  


My studies are not related to finance, can I still become a member of B&R Beurs?

Definitely! Investing is for anyone who has an interest in it, and it is no requirement to study anything related to finance or business. We also have members that study medicine for example.


I have no experience with finance or investing, can I still become a member of B&R Beurs?

Definitely! Our mission is to teach you everything about investing, so you are at the right place. We organize academies, which are like lectures, on 6 different topics related to investing. They start with level 1 and build up to level 3. You can see for yourself what topics and at what level you want to learn.


I am not a student at the Erasmus University, can I still become a member of B&R Beurs?

Definitely! We are open to all students and it is not necessary to be a student at the Erasmus University.